Arche de Saint-Pierre Quiberon

Saint-Pierre Quiberon

Saint-Pierre Quiberon, an exceptional commune with 2 coastlines, offers you the chance to stay or spend your holidays at one of its municipal campsites, all on the seafront in Quibero Bay.

The town of Saint-Pierre Quiberon

Saint-Pierre Quiberon is a French commune, located on the south coast of the Morbihan department in the Brittany region. Saint-Pierre Quiberon forms the northern part of the Quiberon peninsula, with Quiberon occupying the southern part.

Separated from Quiberon in 1653 following the dismemberment of the parish, Saint-Pierre Quiberon became a municipality in its own right in 1856, under the name of Saint-Pierre, and took its current name of Saint-Pierre Quiberon in 1962.

The 2098 inhabitants of Saint-Pierre Quiberon are called Saint-Pierrois. The town centre, with its shops, turn-of-the-century villas, local produce market, harbour and beaches, welcomes you. Many second homes open their doors in season, adding to the village's seaside atmosphere. A dozen charming villages bear witness to the scattered settlement pattern inherited from the area's centuries-old organisation.

Saint-Pierre Quiberon is famous for its location on the shores of Quiberon Bay, which forms the western part of Mor braz, its climate and its wild coastline, which has inspired many painters and poets, particularly in the 19th century.

A breathtaking heritage

There are two harbours in Saint-Pierre Quiberon: Portivy, a place at the end of the world on the ocean side, and Port d'Orange, which faces Quiberon Bay. The latter is part of the association "The most beautiful bays in the world".

The beaches and shores here are ideal for a host of outdoor activities.

Lovers of simplicity and authenticity, hiking, water sports, inspiring colours, heritage visits, gourmet flavours and unspoilt nature, welcome to Saint-Pierre Quiberon en Presqu'île.

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